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A few of our happy customers

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With Sapling, you can...

Manage onboarding on autopilot

Keep people—and tasks—on track with sophisticated workstreams, automated reminders, and integrations that move data across your systems.

Deliver consistent new hire experiences

Standardize your new hire experience with a customizable pre-boarding portal to showcase your culture and collect key onboarding documents and information.

Build a results-driven program

Accelerate new hire ramp up with milestone-based onboarding plan and 30/60/90 day goals. Scale training and development with structured learning programs.

What is Strategic Onboarding?

People-focused organizations prioritize their talent development, getting their people engaged and succeeding as a team as quick as possible.

The new frontier of People Management is employee engagement, satisfaction and development that drives company success.

This all starts with Employee Onboarding.

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Why People Leaders invest in Onboarding

  • “Getting the right talent is the key to any successful organization scaling. But it's not just hiring talented employees - it's getting them productive and engaged in the right way quickly through thoughtful and impactful onboarding. Leveraging leading technology like Sapling as the backbone of your onboarding efforts supports new hire performance and long term retention.”
    Matt Hoffman
    VP People at DigitalOcean
  • “The new hire experience is a big part of the culture at any company – big or small. Investing in building a scalable onboarding program is key to success.”
    Cara Brennan
    VP People at Planet Inc
  • “Your employee success programs should look at a the holistic experience of your employees, from when you recruit them, how they are onboarded all the way to when they leave your company.”
    Jenilee Deal
    VP People at Qadium


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