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Provide a great new hire experience, manage onboarding workflows and empower managers with best practice playbooks.

Drive New Hire Engagement, Confidence and Performance

Company Branded Onboarding Portal

Introduce new employees to the company brand, mission, team and onboarding program before they commence day one.

Automated Workflows and Reminders

Streamline processes and reduce risk with automated reminders that eliminates instances of data duplication and time-wasting paperwork for HR and IT.

Structured Onboarding Plans

Managers can leverage best practice onboarding objectives that provide the foundation of a successful employee experience.

Integrates with your ATS and HRIS

Streamline data flow with other systems in your technology stack, including your ATS, HRIS, communication and productivity apps.

Culture First Companies Trust Sapling to Onboard Their Employees

"The Sapling Team worked with our managers to create structured onboarding programs for our new hires, ensuring an engaging and consistent onboarding experience."


Yvonne from People Operations

"Sapling has been an amazing way to bridge the candidate’s experience and enhance the overall employee’s lifetime value"

Lauren from People Operations

Save Time and Money by streamlining your onboarding processes and supporting managers to onboard new hires more effectively.

ATS & HR System integrations

Automated notifications and reminders

Structured onboarding programs for managers

Streamlined onboarding workflows

Digital employee record collection pre-day one

E-Signature and Document Uploads

Company branded onboarding portal

All the tools you need to run an effective onboarding program:

Shannon from People Operations

"Culture is super important at Zumper - Sapling provides an amazing new hire experience and provides us with all the data we need to ensure new hires can hit the ground running day one."

Annie from People Operations

"Sapling allows us to manage our entire onboarding program from one system, supporting the People Ops team and managers to provide intentional and structured onboarding for our new hires."

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